25W: Why it May Be a Good Thing FSU Got Robbed + 49ers Are Rolling Again + NASCAR Champ Ryan Blaney in Studio + Our Promises Playoff Tie Breaker

(Mon Full Show) Abby Shares She’s Exclusively Dating Someone + Amy Met Listener in Hawaii Battling Cancer + Why Is There Controversy About The Drivers Test?

Abby shares her latest dating update, find out what's going on with the new man she's seeing! Then, while in Hawaii, Amy met a listener who is in third grade that is battling cancer, and he called into the show for a very special moment! Plus, find out why there was controversy with the drivers test that happened to find out who was the best and worst driver!

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(Mon Early Bird) We Compete in Hyundai Driving Test For Best Driver On The Show! + Our Favorite Christmas Movies! + Mailbag: Bothered At The Gym

We compete in the Hyundai driving test with a driving instructor doing basic skills to finally find out who the best and worst driver on the show is! Then, find out what our favorite Christmas movies are! Mailbag: Listener goes to the gym about the same time every day and there's a guy there that tries to talk to her everyday. It's started to creep her out, but she doesn't want to make the situation awkward.

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Best and Worst of the Month (November) with Mike and Kelsey + Why Disney Hasn't Had a Billion-Dollar Movie This Year + Movie Review: Godzilla Minus One + Trailer Park: Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga

Mike and Kelsey share their picks for the Best and Worst films they’ve seen this month. They let you know what you should check out that you may have missed and what to avoid to save you time and money. Mike and Kelsey also share their favorite movie news story including a report on why Disney hasn’t had a billion-dollar movie this year. In the Movie Review, Mike gives his thoughts on Godzilla Minus One and why it's one of the best movies of the year. In this story, Japan is already devastated by the war when a new crisis emerges in the form of a giant monster. Mike shares why he oddly loves Godzilla, how the movie was more dramatic than he was expecting, how it crushed it on a 15 million dollar budget and why you shouldn't let the fact that the film is in Japanese keep you from seeing it. In the Trailer Park, Mike talks about Furiosa which is a part of the Mad Max saga. The film stars Anna Taylor Joy and Chris Hemsworth and looks stellar but does it have a story to match Mad Max Fury Road?

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Gift Guide + GIVEAWAY + Fashion, Beauty & Shopping Tips + Ideas for Experiences + More

This is a fun 'bonus episode' with Amy & Jackie, a co-worker + friend that has all the good finds (at reasonable prices too!) when it comes to GIFTS for all the people in your life. There is a GIVEAWAY...full of amazing goodies you can win by listening...it's valued at well over $500 and you will want to win this! 


Check out @jaclyncaldwell_ and her gift guides:

Jackie's SHOPMY Gift Guide

Jackie's Amazon Gift Guide 


Biopelle.com Discount – code HAPPY for 25% off 

Amy uses Tensage 40 Snail Serum & Radiance Eye Cream 


Kitsch Discount – code AMYBROWN15 for 15% off 

Satin Pillow Case is Amy's favorite along with creaseless hair clips &

Sunday Sampler - The Nashville Podcast Network (12-3-23)

In this weekly series, we share highlight clips from the past week of five podcasts on The Nashville Podcast Network- The Bobbycast, 4 Things with Amy Brown, Sore Losers, Get Real with Caroline Hobby and Movie Mike's Movie Podcast.  You can listen to new episodes weekly wherever you get your podcasts. 

You can find them on Instagram:

-The Bobbycast- @bobbycast

-4 Things- @radioamy

-Sore Losers- @soreloserspodcast

-Movie Mikes Movie Podcast- @mikedeestro

-Get Real- @carohobby

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Best Bits: Listener Q&A With Morgan and Morgan

Morgan and Lunchbox answer listener submitted questions! Lunchbox admits if his wife ever gets embarrassed of him and his bits, plus the latest on his dog Waldo. They both have the same answer for the most beautiful place they’ve visited & they share how the Lunchbox & Morgan videos started a few years ago.

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This part of the podcast is just the best 7 bits from the show this week that Morgan counts down from 7 to 1. This weekend includes the queen of Christmas, one of our favorite guests, and much more! You’ll be able to listen to them uninterrupted with just a few intros!

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Best Bits with Lunchbox: Morgan’s Been Clumsy Lately and Lunchbox On Who You Should Be Tipping This Holiday Season

This weekend on the Best Bits it’s Morgan and Lunchbox time! The share their favorite Christmas movies and memories, and Lunchbox reveals his family’s plans. Morgan admits the thing she does at the end of every year and some funny things that have happened to her lately. They discuss the items they can’t live without and if who we should be tipping this holiday season

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The Truth About Your Fat - Part 3 (Outweigh)

OUTWEIGH: Leanne is back for Part 3 of The Truth About Your Fat, where she covers:

A deeper look at the importance of understanding and accepting your body, including your fat and fascia, rather than shaming or blaming it.

A deep-dive into the interconnectedness of fat and fascia within our bodies and their roles in the nervous system, endocrine function, and sensory capabilities.

She introduces to you to 3 amazing experts who have been Leanne's teachers over the years, and have dedicated their lives to studying and educating people about the nervous system, fat, and fascia. 


Leanne's goal is to empower you to take care of your body (and this includes your fat and fascia), and to help you unravel the mysteries of body fat and fascia to help you improve your overall well-being and relationship with your body.


HOST: Leanne Ellington // @leanneellington // StresslessEating.com

To learn more about re-wiring your brain to heal from the all-or-nothing diet mentality for good....but WITHOUT restricting yourself, punishing your body, (and definitely WITHOUT ever having to use words like macros, low-carb, or calorie burn) check out Leanne's FREE Stressless Eating Webinar @ www.StresslessEating.com 



Dr. Cobb's Z-Health Education: https://zhealtheducation.com/
Thomas Myers Anatomy Trains: https://www.anatomytrains.com/

Ashley Black's Fasciablaster:  https://fasciablaster.com/

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