(Mon Early Bird) Why Does Lunchbox Want Work To Pay For A Trip? + Does This Make Amy a Bad Parent? + Mailbag: Kid Too Young To Watch Mature Shows?

Ranking 13 DC Extended Universe (DCEU) Movies + Movie Review: Shazam! Fury of the Gods + Trailer Park: No Hard Feelings

Mike sets out to answer the question: What DCEU movie is the best and which is the worst? He ranks the 13 DC Extended Universe movies from Man of Steel (2013) to the latest Shazam! Fury of the Gods.  Then he gives his spoiler-free review on Shazam! Fury of the Gods and why he thinks it underperformed at the box office. He shares why he thinks it doesn’t deserve the criticism it’s received, why it’s a great movie for kids and an unexpected standout performance from actors not even listed in the credits! In the Trailer Park, Mike talks about No Hard Feelings which is a new comedy starring Jennifer Lawrence that looks like a fun ride! Or will we all be tricked by another comedy trailer? 

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Best Bits (Just The Bits) with Morgan: PART 2

This part of the podcast is just the best 7 bits from the show this week that I countdown from 7 to 1. This week includes a couple guests in studio, power rankings and much more! You’ll be able to listen to them uninterrupted with just a few intros!


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Best Bits with Eddie: PART 1

In this podcast, Morgan and Eddie share the things they hope to share a namesake with one day, the celebrities they want to stop by the studio, and the things that still haunt them from childhood. Eddie admitted the only thing he wanted for his birthday this year, and Morgan confessed some crazy stories from her teen years. 

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It’s Time To Do Eating Disorder Recovery Differently with Kristie Amadio (Outweigh)

OUTWEIGH: Certified eating disorder coach Kristie Amadio is our guest today. After 14 years of battling her eating disorder and seeking treatment in both Australia and New Zealand—where she was told she was ‘chronic’ and should expect to struggle with food and body image issues for the rest of her life—Kristie flew to America for intensive treatment and made a full recovery. Kristie was stunned by the gap and unequal access to support and resources both here and overseas, so she resolved to make cost effective support available to everyone, no matter where they lived. By working online and living with people in recovery all around the world, Kristie Amadio is adding a new dimension to the platform used to treat eating disorders. 


“All you need is to have the curiosity of what it would be like to not have an eating disorder in order to start your journey to recovery.” - Kristie Amadio 


Learn more about Kristie’s work here: 



Kristie’s Tedx Talk:



Best places to find more about Amy: RadioAmy.com + @RadioAmy

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(Fri Full Show) Luke Combs Is On The Show Talking About His New Album That Is Out Today, His Thoughts On The Current Issues With Concert Tickets & More! + What Did A Guy Ask Morgan To Do On A First Date? + What Words Do We Find Hard To Spell?

Luke Combs stopped by the show to talk about his new album, Gettin' Old, that is out today! He also shares his thoughts on the current issues with concert tickets, what brand deal he turned down and more! Then, Morgan went on a first date with a guy and he asked her to do something that caught her by surprise, find out what it is! Plus, we share the three words we find hardest to spell and you can vote which team has the hardest words!

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(Fri Early Bird) The Show Is Nominated For An ACM Award! + Is It Okay To Let Kids Climb Trees? + Mailbag: How Do You Say Kenny Chesney's Last Name?

We start the weekend with some big news... the show recieved an ACM Award nomination! But something is wrong with the names listed for the show, hear what it is! Then, we discuss if some of the things we did as kids would be considered safe today like climbing in trees and more! Mailbag: A listener wants to know how to properly pronounce Kenny Chesney's last name. They feel like every time they hear someone say his last name, they say it differently. They want to know if we can help clear it up!

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You Have Any Extra Pizza?

What is Babybox doing that has caused Lunchbox to put him in timeout after watching games? Ray wants to remind you of the generational bet he wants you to make on March Madness. Lunchbox thought it would be a good idea to show up to the park with pizza at night and things got a little weird. Who's ready for more Team Snacks updates and who's moving on in this weekends games of March Madness? 

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(Thurs Full Show) Did Amy Pass Her Co-Parenting Class? + Lunchbox Shares Another Stock Investment Update + Brett Eldredge's Best Performances On The Show For His 37th Birthday!

Last week Amy shared some personal news on the show and now she talks about the co-parenting courses she needs to take. Find out if she passed the test! Then, Lunchbox shares another update on how his stock market investments are going and if he's made any more money. Plus, today is Brett Eldredge's 37th birthday so we share his top five performances from when he was on the show!

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(Thurs Early Bird) Lunchbox & Bobby’s Storage Unit Business Takes Another Hit + Did Eddie See A UFO? + Mailbag: Husband Has Secret Bank Account

The storage unit Bobby and Lunchbox bought together has taken another hit! Find out what happened! Then, hear why Eddie thinks he saw a UFO. Mailbag: A listener found out her husband of two years has a secret bank account and is now worried he may be hiding other things from her. She needs advice if she should ask for access to the account and we share our thoughts!

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