Logan Paul Says He Feared Jake Would Kill Himself Over Internet Hate

In the Netflix documentary "Untold: Jake Paul the Problem Child," Logan Paul opens up about the fear he had for his brother Jake Paul's mental health during the early stages of Jake's career. According to Logan, he was "legitimately concerned" that Jake might end his life due to Jake facing backlash online following a series of controversies.

"It was easy to rip me apart. It became a thing to hate Jake Paul," Jake shares in the Netflix documentary. Some of the controversies surrounding Jake include various videos he uploaded to YouTube early in his career, being accused of scamming people who signed up for his "Edfluence" course, and public nuisance lawsuits.

The online backlash led Jake to lose his role on Disney's "Bizaardvark," and lose several endorsement deals, causing him to fall into a "very dark mental place." Despite these challenges, Jake found a renewed sense of purpose in boxing, gaining recognition and respect from sports legends like Mike Tyson, and he's now preparing for an upcoming match against Nate Diaz.

Source: TMZ

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