Cat Viciously Attacks Owner While He Livestreams

Plenty of gamers choose to livestream their play, but sometimes those streams capture more than just an epic win. That's what happened for one YouTuber. He was streaming himself playing the game Castle Clash as he talked to the people watching. He brought his cat Sheba up to the camera to show her off as he spoke about her, then he put her on his lap and continued to speak but was quickly silenced as the cat began to scream. He backed away, shocked, trying to get his beloved pet off of him as it attacked his leg, but clearly Sheba wasn't letting go. Even after standing up, Sheba held tight, biting him. He stumbled and righted himself, finally opening the door and running out for help while Sheba continued to use her claws and teeth on him.

WARNING: This video contains some harsh language.

It turns out the clip is actually three years old and is going viral again. After it originally happened, the guy in it posted a video that explains everything that went down. He describes how he was going to say that he planned to vote for Sheba for president, but when he put her on his lap, somehow her claw got caught in his belt loop. Feeling trapped, Sheba lashed out. The YouTuber wound up needing his mom to get the cat off of him, but thankfully, Sheba wasn't injured during the incident. The same can't be said of the guy though - his legs were bleeding and covered in bites and scratches.

Photo: YouTube

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